2020 Value Assessment

Our latest Value Assessment detailing the value our UK fund range delivered in 2020 is now available. We hope this report will help our customers better understand and assess the value our funds offer, enabling you to make better informed investment decisions with greater confidence.

Columbia Threadneedle announces acquisition of BMO’s EMEA asset management business

Strategic acquisition broadens client offering.


Our online valuation service, myThreadneedle, provides your clients with instant password protected access to the value of their investments with us, 24 hours a day, at a time convenient for them – meaning you won’t spend as much time on simple valuations.

Income investors: What to expect in the current environment

Joining the dots between market volatility, company dividends and fund income.

Our latest insights

10 September 2021

Mark King

Head of Investment Content

Market Monitor - 10 September 2021

Stock markets around the world have spent most of the week on the back foot: concerns over slowing growth and a sluggish post-pandemic recovery have been to the fore again and share prices have displayed higher levels of volatility in the last few days.
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27 August 2021

Jim Griffin

Investment Content Manager

Market Monitor - 27 August 2021

Global stock markets have made steady gains this week with investors happy to wait for direction from America’s Federal Reserve bank at its forthcoming annual symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Read time - 2 min
20 August 2021

Jim Griffin

Investment Content Manager

Market Monitor - 20 August 2021

Share prices around the world sustained sharp losses this week over fears that central banks could soon start to scale back market stimulus measures as the post-pandemic recovery continues.
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Types of investment

Our investment approach is active, client-focused and performance driven. We have built investment capabilities in areas where we have proven expertise, using investment processes that we believe are both repeatable and scalable.