CT Junior ISA

Grow a pot of money for your child’s future and invest up to £9000 per tax year.

Tax efficient savings for your child

A Stocks and Shares Junior ISA allows you to invest tax-efficiently for the child in your life with a current annual limit of £9,000 for the 2024/25 tax year. A Junior ISA is an account that acts as a wrapper to hold a range of different investments. 

The CT Junior ISA (CT JISA) lets you tap into the potential of the stock market and the skills of our fund managers to potentially help your child with those future goals, such as university fees, a deposit on their first home or that dream trip around the world.

Reasons to choose Columbia Threadneedle for a CT Junior ISA

No online dealing charges

Investments using our Investor Portal mean you won't pay dealing charges. Government stamp duty and Annual Management Charges apply.

Benefit from our expertise

We can trace our investment roots back to 1868 when F&C Investment Trust started.

Responsible investing

We've led the way in responsible investing for over 35 years, engaging with 5,500 companies we invest in to ensure ESG is a key consideration.

Cost-effective investing

Whether it's growth or income you're looking for, our range of investment trusts could meet you investment needs.

Getting started is easy

3 steps toward
your goals

Choose a savings plan

Select the savings plan that's right for you.

Choose your strategy

Choose which of our investment trusts you would like to invest in.

Invest in your future

Decide how much you'd like to invest. Starts from £25 per month or £100 lump sum.

Let's talk about risk

Like all investments, our Stocks and Shares Junior ISA comes with a level of risk. Because the money in the account is invested in stocks and shares, the value of your investments can both rise and fall. That means your child might get back less than you originally put in. A Junior ISA account is available to any child under the age of 18 who lives in the UK, unless they have a Child Trust Fund – in which case, they won’t be eligible. Remember, a Junior ISA belongs to the child. Only they can withdraw the funds when they turn 18, so consider this savings product a long-term investment. Be aware that tax rules may change in the future, and tax treatment depends on your child’s individual circumstances.

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A cost-effective way to invest

Invest up to a maximum of £9,000 in the 2024/25 tax year.
Invest from as little as £25 per month, with no dealing charges on investments made by a monthly direct debit.


You can also make one-off contributions from £100. Investment instructions can be made online without any dealing charges. If you need to send instructions via post, there will be a £12 charge for each fund selected.


There’s an annual charge of £25 + VAT for the CT JISA and Government stamp duty of 0.5% applies on purchases of UK shares.
Friends and family can gift money to your child’s account too – whether they are grandparents, godparents, or friends.


Make sure you read the pre-sales costs disclosure before you invest. You will need to sign a declaration on our forms that confirm you have read it.

Transfer your JISA to Columbia Threadneedle

Switching your Junior ISA to us is easy, all you need to do is complete a transfer form and we will take care of the rest. The process will normally be complete in around four weeks although may take a little longer depending on your current provider.


You can transfer a stocks and shares JISA or a cash JISA to a CT JISA (or both, if you have one of each). Once we’ve received your transfer form, we contact your existing JISA plan provider and arrange the transfer for you. We only accept transfers as cash, and we can’t accept further contributions into the new CT JISA until your existing JISA manager has completed the transfer. Any transfers from an existing stocks and shares JISA must be done in full – you can’t make a partial or previous tax years’ transfer.

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Invest in our Investment Trusts through a CT JISA

A Columbia Threadneedle Stocks and Shares Junior ISA allows you to choose from a diverse range of investment trusts. These trusts offer you different ways to invest, such as in equities, bonds, property, and private equity. Choosing a mixture of these trusts enables you to spread your investments and potentially minimise risk.

Each trust operates differently. You can pick options that focus on capital growth, income, or both. Some invest in the UK, while others take a global approach.

Please see the Key Information Documents (KIDs) for further details on the  risks for each trust. View the latest performance of our Investment Trusts.

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Manage your investments on
the go

Manage your investments on the go

With our CT UK app you can:

– Make changes to your investment choices
– Add cash to invest later, or withdraw cash
– Make lump sum investments

Search 'CT UK' to download the app

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Application image

Invest now

Columbia Threadneedle offer a range of Savings Plans designed to make investing easy.
Start from £25 a month or one off £100, and there are no charges when you deal using our Investor Portal.

Frequently asked questions

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