The Simplicity of
One-Decision Investing

The Simplicity of
One-Decision Investing

When it comes to investing, it can be hard to know where to start. CT Global Managed Portfolio Trust aims to keep your life simple. With just one decision, you can access fully diversified assets and investment professionals do all the work for you. This is a flexible and hassle-free way of investing.

Key takeaways:

  • CT Global Managed Portfolio Trust gives access to a world of opportunities in one decision.
  • Investment professionals do all the hard work for, keeping your life simple.
  • The unique feature of this fund of funds is the ability to switch between growth and income once a year.

When building a diversified portfolio, it can take a lot of work to know where to start. There are so many different options out there, how do you know which is right for you? What combination could deliver income (a regular payment) or growth (an increase in the value of your original investment)? You could be faced with hundreds of decisions.
CT Global Managed Portfolio Trust aims to simplify these choices. It’s a globally diversified fund of funds, which means it’s a fund made up of lots of other funds. The CT team curate a selection of the optimum funds from all over the world and bring them together in the CT Global Managed Portfolio Trust. This means you can access a world of opportunities with just one decision. And importantly, professional investment managers will do the hard work for you.

One-decision investing

The world of investing can seem overwhelming. There are dozens of different products and lots of jargon. But it doesn’t need to be this difficult. We’ve tried to make your life easier by providing a one-decision investment opportunity.
CT Global Managed Portfolio Trust is a fund of funds. That means it allows investors access to a fully diversified global portfolio in one step. But crucially, just one decision from you represents dozens of decisions made by investment professionals. They’ve done all the research, analysis, and evaluation for you. We call it: one-decision investing.

Global diversification

By investing in a fund of funds, you can have global diversification in one step. Why is that important? Well, diversification is a big part of investing, and it’s all about lowering risk. The idea of having a diversified portfolio is that if one area isn’t performing very well, hopefully, another area is. You avoid the whole portfolio moving in the same direction at the same time. It’s about not putting all your eggs in one basket, which could be considered a risky move.
With a fund of funds like CT Global Managed Portfolio Trust, you hold a range of funds, giving you exposure to many different regions, sectors, and asset classes (like bonds and equities). This broad diversification aims to deliver attractive returns at a lower risk than investing in fewer assets. With plenty of different exposure, risk is widely spread. And all in just one decision.

Active management

Markets move all the time. Some areas may go up as others go down. These changes can be hard to anticipate, but it’s the job of investment professionals to try. They analyse economics and markets to understand how any movements could affect their holdings. Then, they may make changes accordingly. This is called active investment management, as someone is actively monitoring the portfolio. The idea is to capture compelling investment opportunities as they arise.
CT Global Managed Portfolio Trust is actively managed by Peter Hewitt and his team. Peter has been actively managing investments since the early 1980s and has developed in-depth knowledge and expertise. By actively monitoring the market, he aims to identify the best opportunities available in any asset class, anywhere in the world, at all times. And investors can access that expertise with just one decision.

A flexible investment strategy

The unique feature of CT Global Managed Portfolio Trust is its ability to allow investors to switch between growth and income once a year. The growth strategy aims to increase the value of the original investment, or capital. The income strategy aims to deliver a regular payment. Investors can make this change tax efficiently too (according to current UK tax legislation). It’s tax efficient because there is no capital gains tax due on the conversion between strategies. That means investors can switch without facing immediate tax consequences.

The ability to switch annually means CT Global Managed Portfolio Trust can serve changing needs and preferences. As your growth or income requirements change, so can your strategy. For example, you may begin in the growth strategy as you build your wealth. But as you get closer to retirement, you may want to switch to the income strategy as you start to wind down at work. With just one decision, you can access a flexible investment strategy which suits your changing needs.

Keeping it simple

CT Global Managed Portfolio Trust offers a globally diversified, actively managed portfolio in one step. It’s a low-hassle, flexible approach to investing, where professionals do all the analysis for you. The ability to switch between income and growth means it can suit changing needs and preferences. This fund of funds offers simplicity, flexibility, and experience, all in just one decision.

Investment Risks

The value of your investments and any income from them can go down as well as up and you may not get back the original amount invested. Gearing is used for investment purposes to obtain, increase or reduce exposure to an asset, index or investment. The use of gearing can enhance returns to investors in a rising market, but if the market falls the losses may be greater.


Tax allowances and the benefits of tax-efficient accounts are subject to change and tax treatment depends upon your individual circumstances. We do not offer tax advice. If you are unsure, please consult your tax or financial adviser.

How to make your choice

Only once you turn 18 you are able to make a decision on your account. If you’re ready to make a decision you can do so by downloading our CTF Election form. Simply fill it in and send it back to us whatever you decide to do. Download the form using the button below.

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