Threadneedle Pooled Pension Fund Prices

We have a technical problem with our automatic price feed. Please see the link below for our latest published fund prices.

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On 20 March 2020 Columbia Threadneedle Investments temporarily suspended dealing in the Threadneedle Pensions Property Fund. This decision followed notification from the Fund’s independent valuer, CBRE, that it was unable to value the Fund’s assets with certainty in the current exceptional market environment.

We will continue to provide a daily estimated NAV/Price for indicative purposes. However, if you are using the estimated daily NAV/Price to make investment or accounting decisions or to price an underlying product you should take into account the uncertainty the valuer of the underlying assets expressed above. In particular you should be aware that the actual realisation proceeds may differ from that indicated in the price and neither the valuer nor Columbia Threadneedle Investments can accept liability for this.

*Pricing update pending

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