Pooled pension funds

Pooled pension funds at a glance

  • Available to exempt approved occupational pension schemes
  • Funds are single priced using a mid-day valuation point.
  • Dealing orders received by 11am are processed the same day. Prices are normally available by 5pm
  • The funds benefit from gross roll up of income and capital gains which alleviate the need for Trustees to manage tax reclaims
  • In specie transfers of UK equities are not subject to ad valorem stamp duty
  • No VAT for clients on fees and charges

Further information on Threadneedle’s Pooled Pension Funds can be found within the Key Features Document dated April 2022 and our TPEN Fund Range – At a glance document.

To find out more about our Pooled Pension Funds, please contact our UK Institutional team.

Fund charges and costs explained

There are a number of charges and costs incurred when investing. The detail below aims to make our charging structure more transparent and easier to understand. The charges that you pay are used to cover the costs of running the fund, including a charge by Threadneedle Asset Management Limited for managing the fund, and the costs of distributing and administering it.

Charges vary depending on the fund and unit class you are invested in.

To find out more, please contact our Client Services Team: [email protected]