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Columbia Threadneedle Investments has collaborated with wealth management partners, including Ameriprise, to design and grow successful solutions and advice propositions. With over a third of our global assets under management relating to insurance clients and our extensive expertise with large strategic partnerships such as Zurich, LV and RiverSource we have been able to showcase our proven record of building and developing long term partnerships with our insurer clients.

Our Investment Options

Fixed Income

Our core expertise covers the traditional asset classes of investment grade credit, high yield credit and government bonds. We also have significant expertise in more specialist areas of fixed income, including emerging market debt, securitised debt and social bonds.

Fundamental research is paramount in our investment approach. Intensive credit analysis helps us to pursue sustainable and competitive returns. We foster a collaborative and interactive environment between analysts and portfolio managers, enabling the best investment ideas to emerge.

Fixed income investing is asymmetric – the upside is limited. We seek to build portfolios that can maximise return per unit of risk to generate strong, consistent outperformance.


We offer global, regional and country specific strategies, investing across the market cap spectrum and with various risk and return objectives.

Meeting companies and conducting fundamental research lie at the heart of our equity approach. We aim to invest in companies that can create sustainable long-term value and believe that by engaging with companies we can gain a thorough understanding of their business models, company finances, competitive pressures and drivers of corporate profits. Face-to-face meetings also provide an opportunity to question management teams on their future plans and strategies.

Combining this bottom-up analysis with thematic insights into markets helps us to build portfolios that can deliver consistent, long-term outperformance.


Multi-asset investing is at the heart of what we do.

Our extensive capabilities cover both fundamental and quantitative based strategies that invest in a wide range of asset classes. Our multi-asset experts are at the hub of our distinctive investment framework, which is built around our specialist investment teams. While each team follows its own unique process and style, ideas are shared and rigorously challenged across asset classes and geographies. In this way, individual investment teams contribute to and help shape our overall macro and investment outlook.

As better-informed investors, our multi-asset teams are well positioned to source the very best ideas for our portfolios and deliver better investment outcomes.

Real Assets

We offer traditional pooled and segregated portfolios together with bespoke closed-end structures all investing directly in UK commercial real estate. We also have a joint venture with leading market participants to capitalize on long-term demand for low carbon workplaces. Our real estate team is one of the most experienced in the UK, with close to 70 staff responsible for £8 billion in UK property strategies*.

We use an active, hands-on approach that emphasizes stock selection as the main driver of long-term outperformance. We are flexible buyers and focus on high yielding investments when building our property portfolios, rather than ‘trophy assets’, which frequently offer low yields. We also avoid speculative developments due to the inherent risks of locking up capital for long periods with no certainty of returns. We actively manage our holdings, working hard to maximize returns by refurbishing and updating buildings to increase capital value and improve rental growth potential.

* Source: Columbia Threadneedle Investments, as at 31 August 2020.

Our Clients

Columbia Threadneedle Investments has extensive expertise in partnering with banks and wealth managers to grow their businesses, including a small number of select deep partnerships.

Columbia Threadneedle Investments has collaborated with wealth management partners, including Ameriprise, to design and grow successful solutions and advice propositions.

  • Columbia Threadneedle Investments has partnered with affiliated and unaffiliated wealth managers globally, including the US, UK and South Africa at the mass market, mass affluent, and affluent levels.
  • Columbia Threadneedle Investments has expertise in working with financial planning providers in the development of investment advisory programs including multi asset and multi manager portfolios, and support for advisor forces to help them fully understand and serve clients with our solutions.
  • Ameriprise itself is the leader in financial planning in the US, with more Certified Financial Planners than any other firm. Our know-how has led to Ameriprise having the deepest and broadest client relationships of any leading firm in the US.
  • Ameriprise is a leader in fee-based investment advisory programs, with over $250bn of AUM . Columbia Threadneedle Investments has helped create and manage key offerings within this program (e.g. discretionary models for accumulation, income, wealth preservation)

The UN Sustainable Development Goals & Our Themes

Translating the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to investment opportunities provides us, our clients, and the wider industry, with a compelling means to contribute to sustainable development whilst aiming to achieve positive financial returns.

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Andrew Nicholl
Global Business Lead for Responsible Investment