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Strandkai, Real Estate Case Study, German

Strandkai, Hamburg

The last prime site in HafenCity will be home to approx. 500 flats (both rental and owner-occupied flats) in total.
St Christopher's place, Case Study Real Estate, UK

St. Christopher’s Place

A retail oasis in the heart of central London’s shopping district. A true mixed use property investment combining retail, restaurants, offices and residential.
Uberblick, Real Estate Case Study, Germany

Forum-Office, Bremen

New future neighbourhood development in Bremen with over 20 hectares and a volume of approx. €700 million.
France Corbas Lyon

Corbas, Lyon

A brownfield speculative development, the previous building was demolished and replaced by a newly built, modern cross-docking facility delivering last mile logistics to city centre Lyon.
Dubail Boutique Rolex Champs Elysées

71-73 Avenue des Champs-Elysées, Paris

This asset is a prominent corner building on a permanent retail and office location, generating stable income from diversified tenant profiles and sectors all the while offering potential value creation from under-rented units.
Copenhagen Vimmelskaftet 46-48

Vimmelskaftet 46-48, Copenhagen

The property has façades and entrances on Strøget street, the prime retail street of Copenhagen, and is near both the Zara flagship store and the new Uniqlo store.
The Hague

Paviljoensgracht 1-3, The Hague

The property is located in the city centre of The Hague, with all amenities within walking distance. The Hague is the third largest city of the Netherlands with a significant shortage of quality housing.
Lisbon Liberdade 108

Liberdade 108, Lisbon

The property is located in the city of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. Avenida de Liberdade is the prime location for offices as well as high street luxury retail.
Madrid Calle Serrano 30

Calle Serrano 30, Madrid

The property is located in Calle Serrano in Madrid, a very popular street in the Salamanca district, and is considered one of the most expensive streets in Spain.
Brussels Boulevard Waterloo 38

Bd Waterloo 38, Brussels

The property is located directly on the Boulevard de Waterloo, the top luxury retail market in city centre Brussels and is surrounded by brands such as Bulgari, Armani and Hermes.
France Bassens Bordeaux

Bassens, Bordeux

The development project is located in the prime northern logistics submarket of Bordeaux, just next to the port and the city centre, which is mainly used for last-mile distribution.
France Pars 50 rue Faubourg St Honore

50 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris

The property is located on the main luxury retail pitch in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Major sights of the city (e.g Opera Garnier and the Louvre) are nearby.
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