CT Global Multi Asset Income Fund

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A long-only, dynamically managed multi asset fund that targets an attractive, sustainable level of income while aiming to preserve and grow capital over the medium-to-long term.

Reasons to invest

Dynamic investment approach

Using a flexible, active approach, we can participate in income opportunities when they present themselves, while protecting capital when threats appear. 

'One stop shop' investment solution

Investors benefit from well-diversified portfolios with a focus on delivering attractive, sustainable levels of income. 

Managed by experienced Multi-Asset team:

With over 25 years’ experience, multi-asset investing is at the heart of what we do at Columbia Threadneedle.

Key Facts

To achieve a level of income with the prospect of capital growth over the medium to long term
Lower volatility than an equity only portfolio, approximately two-thirds the volatility of equities
Neutral Allocation
No neutral
Launch Date
Asset Allocation Limits
Equity: 20-75%
Primarily through Internal Funds
Fixed income: 20-70%
Cash: 0-10%
Combined Cash and Income: 30-80%
Property: 0-30%
Sources of Return
Asset Allocation and Stock Selection
Lead Portfolio Manager
Ben Rodriguez
Long only, unlevered
Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF)
50 bps
Quote open

In a market where yields across many asset classes are low, our Global Multi Asset Income Fund provides a cost-effective solution for investors seeking quality, sustainable income whilst keeping volatility in check.


– Ben Rodriquez


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CT Global Multi Asset Income Fund Profile


Securing a positive outcome in a post-annuities world

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