Meet Helen Driver

Who is Helen Driver? How did you find yourself in the position you’re in today?

I am a former UK & Global Equity Fund Manager, with a wealth of markets experience from two decades of working in analysis, portfolio management and investor relations roles. As a start-up founder, and with board experience from the Social Housing and Social Investment sectors, I am excited to bring knowledge from both inside and outside investment markets to the Board of CT UK High Income Trust.

Why CT UK High Income? What is it about the trust that you find the most exciting?

CT UK High Income Trust has a clear, differentiated approach. The strategy to create a high conviction, focused portfolio of businesses delivering long-term sustainable growth, in both earnings and dividends, provides an attractive proposition.

What else are you passionate about in the finance world?

I am passionate about improving financial confidence and capability and broadening inclusion. Earlier this year I launched Moneyready, an online financial education platform for young people aged 7-18 years for use both at home and school. Moneyready brings money to life through interactive activities, videos and quizzes, so the next generation are ‘ready‘ to face their financial future with confidence.

Do you have an interesting fact about yourself?

I recently learned that I have something in common with Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook – we both taught aerobics while at University! My aerobics instructing days are long gone and I now have a new role as part-time taxi-driver for my teenage children.

What have you learnt during 2020?

2020 has served as a stark reminder that we live in a World of uncertainty and brought to the fore the value of strong financial foundations – a philosophy shared by both Moneyready and CT UK High Income Trust.