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Many people choose to use the services of a qualified independent financial adviser (IFA) because they don’t know enough about investing. It makes sense – you wouldn’t try to build a house without using a builder – but how do you go about choosing one?
A good first step is to use a trusted online IFA directory such as¹ to find a financial adviser in your area that specialises in the type of advice you need, be it financial planning, investments, pensions, protection such as life insurance, savings, expat services, or tax.

Narrow down your list to three or four and contact them to find out more about them and ask who in the firm will be your adviser, what experience they have, and whether their advice is restricted in any way. You can also ask for case studies of people in similar circumstances to your own who they have helped.

Once you have identified one, you will need to meet in person. Look for an adviser that understands you and someone who you also understand. You will also need to ask about fees. You will likely pay an upfront cost that might be a fixed fee, an hourly fee, or a percentage of your assets and investments. Fees will vary from adviser to adviser but you might expect to pay about £150 an hour for good advice. Negotiate if you can, and ask if they offer a free initial consultation.

¹ We do not endorse the advisers on this site.

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