Is the bond broken?

An allocation to government bonds within a multi-asset portfolio has traditionally played a vital role in terms of risk management and diversification. But with a decade-long bull era in both government bonds and equities, is this assumption still valid?

Solutions enhanced: Planning for the long term with capital market assumptions

Middling growth, markets unnerved

Strategic asset allocation (SAA), the process of determining a well-diversified long-term investment strategy, requires an assessment of the potential returns from different financial assets, as well as the potential risks to which these assets and the final allocation may be subject. In this paper we present the capital market assumptions (CMAs) that we at Columbia Threadneedle use as central forecasts of risk and return when conducting SAA analyses for our clients.

Solutions in 2021: adapting to a new normal

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In unprecedented times, clients are struggling to build well-diversified portfolios, as well as grappling with the rising cost of guarantees and management of very expensive liabilities. After depending on fixed income diversification for decades, they must find new ways to hedge their exposures while growing assets.

Covid-19 vaccines, lockdowns and equities

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With the Covid-19 case count rising rapidly across the United States and Europe, the immediate economic outlook associated with renewed lockdowns is turning darker.

Investment team updates – bullet points 20 November


Our investment team provide their weekly snapshot of market events.

What the US election means for markets… and what it doesn’t!

The election cycle will increase short-term volatility, but we don’t believe it will have much influence on market averages over the long term.

Summer slumber soothes markets

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Our fixed income team provide their weekly snapshot of market events.

Discovering which business models will prosper after the pandemic

Discovering which business models will prosper after the pandemic

Negative, unchanged and positive impacts

Research, research, research…

Research research research

At Columbia Threadneedle Investments, our team of 180 analysts and research associates is dedicated to original, independent research. Working collaboratively across all major asset classes our teams utilize big data and analytics, such as machine learning and augmented intelligence, to turn information into forward-looking insights that add real value to investment decisions, enabling consistent and replicable outcomes for our clients.

Tracking the pandemic – the challenges of interpreting fast-changing data

Tracking the pandemic the challenges of interpreting fast data

“The Covid-19 pandemic is generating huge quantities of case count data as the
disease advances around the world. We have seen countries and regions that were hit earliest move through the initial peak and into a period of declining incidence, while those affected more recently are still recording rapid rises in infections and fatalities. But the data raises as many questions as it answers.”