Sustainability & ESG

Environmental, Social and Governance issues are central to the Trust’s monitoring of sustainability

Why it matters to us

The importance of environmental and social factors, together with the management of those factors through corporate governance, continues to strengthen within the UK commercial property market.

The Board and its Managers remain fully engaged in the consideration of ESG factors and on the Company maintaining its strong commitment, recognising that proper integration of such matters into regular business practice is fundamental to preserving asset worth and enhancing shareholder value.

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Our Strategy

The Trust’s ESG Strategy remain consistent with previous years:

1. Leadership & effectiveness – measures through which we will demonstrate effective governance in relation to ESG criteria, a theme that is particularly pertinent to our shareholders in the context of our outsourced investment and property management arrangements.

2. Investment process – Procedures through which we integrate ESG into the investment process, ensuring that material factors are central to investment decision-making and property management so that relevant risks to income and long-term performance are addressed in a timely and efficient manner.

3. Portfolio – attendance to and optimisation of material ESG performance and risk factors across the portfolio, with a particular emphasis on resource efficiency and renewable energy, occupier wellbeing and satisfaction, managing the implications of new regulations concerning minimum energy standards for leased properties, and ensuring that our properties are not used by organisations connected to controversial weapons activities.

4. Transparency – approach to investor reporting and public disclosure on relevant ESG factors, including participation in recognised industry reporting initiatives and t

Leadership and effectiveness

The Trust recognises the benefits of diverse Board membership and has exceeded the Hampton-Alexander recommendations by having 50% female representation. Following Mrs Clark’s retirement in May 2023, the Board will continue to meet this recommendation by having 40% female representation. This position aligns with the recommendations of the FTSE Women Leaders Review and the target set out in the Listing Rules (which applies in respect of the Company’s financial year ending 31 December 2023).

The Board is also mindful of the recommendations of the Parker Review and the Listing Rules target regarding the ethnic background of the Board (which also applies in respect of the Trust’s financial year ending 31 December 2023).
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Responsible property investment framework

The Managers’ Responsible Property Investment Framework provides the structure around which various property teams operate, reinforcing the concept that every individual has a contribution to make towards the successful integration of ESG matters into property investment activities.

Our appraisal tool captures a range of ESG related metrics to produce a detailed assessment of risk and opportunity in relation to factors considered material to future investment performance, such as Energy Performance Certificate ratings, green building certifications, contamination and flood risk, as well as opportunities to improve ESG performance. These outputs are regularly reviewed and are fully integrated into individual annual asset business plans to ensure that improvements in ESG credentials can be fully considered. The process is similarly applied to all potential acquisitions and developments so that thoughtful consideration can be given to risks and opportunities prior to executing transactions.

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