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7 May 2024

Decades of Expertise: The People Behind CT Global Managed Portfolio Trust

Investing your savings is a big decision. You want to know those managing the fund you choose are experts in their field. Peter Hewitt manages the investment strategy for CT Global Managed Portfolio Trust, which is a role he’s been doing since trust was founded on the 16th April 2008. Peter first worked as a fund manager in 1983, so after four decades in the industry, he truly understands the vagaries of the markets and how best to manage them.
22 April 2024

The Power of Diversification through a Fund of Funds*

We rarely put all our eggs in one basket, so why would we do any differently when it comes to investing? By spreading exposure across many different geographies and sectors, diversification is raised, and risk is lowered. A well-diversified fund of funds like CT Global Managed Portfolio Trust aims to offer robust long-term returns without high levels of investment risk.
22 April 2024

Navigating Market Conditions with a Flexible Investment Strategy

A flexible investment strategy can allow for changing personal circumstances and changing market conditions. CT Global Managed Portfolio Trust offers the option of switching between income and growth once a year, enabling your finances to keep up with your changing lives. And you can make the switch tax efficiently too.