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Diverse opportunities drive consistency

Different asset classes respond differently to changes in the economic and business cycle, hence the investment returns from individual asset classes can vary significantly over time and differ markedly from those of other asset classes. By investing in a mix of assets and actively reviewing and changing our portfolios, in order to participate in investment opportunities while minimising volatility, we aim to deliver a smoother investment experience for investors.

  1. Potential to receive attractive levels of growth and/or income with less volatility than equities.
  2. Active allocation of risk, when managed efficiently, can provide investors with more return per unit of risk
  3. Uncorrelated sources of return can deliver important diversification benefits compared to single asset class portfolios
  4. Provides investors with an effective, ‘one stop shop’ investment solution.
1 April 2022

Investment team updates - Market updates 1 April 2022

Latest news from around the investment desks.
Read time - 3 min
22 March 2022

William Davies

Global Chief Investment Officer

CIO outlook: market volatility, oil and interest rates

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has put markets on edge. With a high level of uncertainty and rising commodity prices, will central banks change their plans on rate increases?
Watch time - 3 min
14 March 2022

Solutions Enhanced: Capital Market Assumptions 2022 Making a transition

The end of 2021 saw a continuing reminder of the impact of coronavirus, inflation occurring in major economies, and the world waking up to the stark choices presented by the climate emergency. We set out the expectations for what all this could mean for investors over the next five years and in the longer run. These capital market assumptions form the base case we use when constructing strategic asset allocations for clients.
Read time - 3 min
4 March 2022

Investment team updates - Market updates 4 March 2022

Latest news from around the investment desks.
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25 February 2022

William Davies

Global Chief Investment Officer

Anwiti Bahuguna

Head of Multi-Asset Strategy

Edward Al-Hussainy

Senior Interest Rate and Currency Analyst

Investors confront volatility as Russia invades Ukraine

Markets reacted strongly this week to news that Russia invaded neighbouring Ukraine. The world has been watching tensions in the region escalate since the beginning of year.
Read time - 3 min
24 February 2022

William Davies

Global Chief Investment Officer

Reaction to the latest development in Ukraine

As the situation in Ukraine unfolds, we remain focused on our investment process: being active, long-term investors in companies with strong balance sheets and solid fundamentals, employing our research intensity capabilities.
Read time - 2 min

Our multi-asset range

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Threadneedle Dynamic Real Return Fund

Multi-asset real return portfolios aim to deliver consistent, sustainable risk-adjusted returns irrespective of the investment environment. This combination of positive long-term capital growth potential with lower volatility and protection against inflation lies behind the appeal of multi-asset real return funds.

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Threadneedle Global Multi-Asset Income Fund

With a focus on diversification, multi-asset income portfolios can combine the right blend of income-generating assets to provide a strong and sustainable level of income, as well as preserve and grow capital, irrespective of the global macro environment.

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Threadneedle Managed Funds

Primarily investing in Threadneedle funds, our fettered fund of fund multi-asset range allows investors access to relatively low cost, well-diversified portfolios whilst using a blend of asset classes to cater for differing attitudes to risk.

Why Columbia Threadneedle Investments for multi-asset?

Multi-asset investing is at the heart of what we do at Columbia Threadneedle Investments. Our actively managed range of multi-asset solutions has been recognised by Professional Pensions for the second year in a row.

Why CTI for multi-asset

Our investment experts manage all multi-asset strategies using the same tried and tested process.

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