Value Assessment Report

These reports cover our full UK fund range for Threadneedle Investment Services Limited and Columbia Threadneedle Fund Management Limited and seek to provide an in-depth assessment of the value provided by each of the funds and share classes in our range, according to seven criteria set by our regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Value Assessment Report (PDF version) – Threadneedle Investment Services Limited

Value Assessment Report (PDF version) – Columbia Threadneedle Fund Management Limited*

We hope the report will help customers better understand and assess the value our funds on offer, enabling you to make better informed investment decisions with greater confidence.

We believe we have set a rigorous process in assessing the value our funds on offer. As well as highlighting where we are doing well, we also highlight areas where we can do better. We have identified remedies and are taking action to continue improving the value of our funds offer to customers going forward.
*Due to some incorrect data in the previous iteration, this report has now been republished with updated data. Significantly, this has resulted in changes to four Fund Scores (CT Global Real Estate Securities Fund, CT MM Lifestyle 4 Fund, CT Sustainable Universal MAP Growth Fund, CT Universal MAP Defensive Fund).

Select your fund to view a fund value scorecard for each fund and its share classes.

For more information on investment terms and Responsible Investment (RI) terms, you can also find a general Glossary and an RI Glossary.