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Investment Trusts

Our 10 Investment Trusts enable our customers to invest in specific regions and globally.

Investor portal

Manage your savings plan investments securely. Add and invest money, obtain a valuation and track performance.

How to invest​

Important information on how to invest, redeem or switch your investments in Threadneedle Funds.

Maturing CTFs

What to expect as you approach or have reached your 18th birthday.


Our online valuation service for investors, provides them with instant password protected access to the value of their investments with us

ISA Centre

We offer investors access to the stocks and shares ISAs and JISAs. Our comprehensive range has something for everyone whether you are looking for income or growth or a mixture of both.

Value assessment

This new report has been produced in response to the Financial Conduct Authority’s Asset Management Market Study: an initiative that aims to increase transparency, competition, and value across the asset management industry.

Fund Charges and Costs explained

When you buy a fund, there is a range of charges applicable, depending on how you invest.

Data security & Treating Customers Fairly

Find out how we put our clients’ interests at the heart of what we do

Our Success Stories​

Our real-life success stories show you how we support your success and inspire new goals and aspirations. Whatever your goals in life, we aim to help you make it a reality.

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Types of investment

We offer a broad range of actively managed investment strategies and solutions covering global, regional and domestic markets and asset classes.

Find your Fund

Columbia Threadneedle Investments has a comprehensive range of investment funds catering for a broad range of objectives.

ISA Centre

Access the latest insights from our team of investment thought leaders.