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18 July 2024

Nish Patel

Director, Portfolio Manager, Global Small Cap

Global small caps – preparing for a new cycle

After a long period of underperformance, a new cycle may be emerging in smaller companies. If history is a guide the initial recovery should be strong.
Watch time - 40 mins
18 July 2024

Hamish Mair, BSc, MBA, ASIP

Managing Director and Head of Private Equity

A consciously high UK exposure

With a 40%+ weighting in the UK and around 35% in Europe, our superior returns show you don’t always have to travel far to access growth in interesting and innovative small to medium-sized companies.
Read time - 3 mins
17 July 2024

Joanna Tano

Head of Research, Europe, Real Estate (EMEA)

UK Real Estate: Talking points July 2024

Political stability, rebased pricing, falling inflation and the expectation of rate cutting are collectively expected to provide a more supportive environment for UK real estate.
Read time 2 min