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Our UK equities funds are managed by a large and experienced team that challenges and debates ideas across a diverse range of UK equity strategies. We believe this team-based approach leads to better insights, better decisions and better outcomes for our clients.

A well-resourced team, experienced at navigating market cycles and events

A diverse range of funds with differentiated sources of alpha

A proven long-term track record

Latest insights

6 May 2022

UK is a rich seam to mine … and not just in commodities

It’s been a volatile start to 2022, with the conflict in Ukraine creating huge disruption in oil markets, and adding to ongoing pressures seen in markets, but the UK is about much more than just commodities (and banks)
Read time 9 min
16 February 2022

Investment Association UK Equity Income sector’s most consistent fund of the decade

Richard Colwell’s approach of long-term ownership combined with strong stewardship recognised in this analysis from Trustnet.
Read time - 3 min
20 December 2021

Less bezzle, more sparkle in the UK!

In 2021, investing in UK equities began to feel a little less lonely. The FTSE 100 index rose by more than 10% for the year by early December and UK companies resumed dividend payments after the pandemic-induced economic freeze in early 2020 when all hope seemed extinguished.
Read time - 4 min
7 February 2022

UK equities: it's all to play for!

We talk to Richard Colwell, Head of UK Equities, and Jeremy Smith, Portfolio Manager and Head of UK Research, about the much-maligned UK market, the themes, opportunities and challenges playing out there, and why the UK could be better placed than other international markets to prosper.
Listen time - 38 min


UK Equities Team

Richard Colwell

Head of UK Equities
All sectors
29 years' experience

James Holman

Senior Portfolio Manager Assitant
23 years' experience

Dominic Younger

Client Portfolio Analyst
6 years' experience

James Thorne

21 years' experience

Craig Adey

Distrbutors, Gaming, UK Banks, Non-Life Insurance
8 years' experience

Stacey Cassidy

Tobacco Cons Staples, Luxury Goods, Property, Asian Banks
11 years' experience

Jeremy Smith

Head of UK Equity Research
Transport, Support Services
25 years' experience

Johnathan Barber

Utilities, Lloyds Insurers, Oil & Gas Majors
29 years' experience

Sonal Sagar

Industrials, Leisure, Healthcare, Life Insurance
14 years' experience

Chris Kinder

Retail, Media, Oil Services, Housebuilders
18 years' experience

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