Your Child Trust Fund options

Choosing what to do

There are three options for you to consider for your Child Trust Fund investment. You don’t have to decide immediately – the funds will stay invested until you’re ready.

Continue investing with Columbia Threadneedle

Continue to invest for your future with Columbia Threadneedle by moving your investment into our range of savings plans for adults, with no transfer charges. We’ve also reduced the annual charge on our adult products until you turn 21, meaning you’ll benefit by keeping the same rate as the CTF Shares product (£25 + VAT) rate for up to three years. Please note the CTF Stakeholder & the Matured CTF Stakeholder product charges are 0.7%. See below to find out more about our savings plans.

Taking your investment out

When you turn 18 you can decide to withdraw the invested money. There’s no charge to withdraw and if you later put the money into an ISA, it would be treated as a new subscription, losing the benefit of reduced fees until you’re 21.We recognise that a house deposit, wedding costs or a retirement pot are goals that seem a long way off. However, we firmly believe that it’s better to prioritise longer-term goals when navigating the uncertainties of the future.

A combination of both

You can transfer some of your shares into one of our adult savings plans and withdraw the rest. Choose what works best for you for the full amount of your investment.

For the undecided

It’s okay if you need more time to decide what you’d like to do with your account. You don’t have to tell us your decision straight away. Your CTF will continue as a “matured CTF” and your account will stay in the same funds as it’s currently held in.


The fees will continue at the same level as a as a Shares Child trust Fund (£25 +VAT) or for the Stakeholder Child Trust Fund (0.7%) and will be taken from the funds in the account. This will reduce the overall value of your holdings over time. Should the value of your holdings reach nil, the account will be closed.

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Let's talk about risk

The value of your investments and any income from them can go down as well as up and you may not get back the original amount invested. Tax allowances and the benefits of tax-efficient accounts are subject to change and tax treatment depends upon your individual circumstances.

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Ready to make a decision

If you have turned 18 and decided what you’d like to do with your investment, visit our ‘I’m ready to make a decision’ page for the next steps.

Our adult Savings Plans

CT General Investment Account (GIA)

A flexible solution for long-term investors, with no annual limits.

CT Individual Savings Account (ISA)

A savings plan with no income tax or capital gains tax paid on any profits.

CT Lifetime Individual Savings Account (LISA)

For those aged 18-39 saving for their first home.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Your Financial Future

How to plan for a future you can’t see yet

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