Frequently Asked Questions

Updating an existing Columbia Threadneedle Savings Plan account

Stop – Is it a scam?

Below we share some ways to help protect yourself, and recognise a scam email or text message.

Is the email, text, letter or call asking you for financial and personal info?
Do you know who really sent the communication, or made the call?
Is the email/text/letter or call trying to scare you into action?
How to tell a suspicious email/ text from a real one:
My personal details have changed. How can I let you know my new details?
My address has changed. How can I let you know my new details?
How do I make a top-up payment into my account?
Where can I find a value of my account?
How can I sell shares in my account?
Can I change the fund(s) that I am invested in?
How do I pay the annual account charges?
How do I change my direct debit amount?
My financial situation has changed – what can I do?
How do I change the account my direct debit is collected from?
Can I receive income from my investment(s)?
What proof of bank/building society details can you accept?
How can I notify you of the death of an account holder?
I don’t have a financial adviser – can you send someone out to advise me?
How do I make a complaint?

Regulatory Questions

Best execution policy
How do I access your Privacy Policy?

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