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Peter Ewins
Director, Global Small Cap
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We seek to provide our investors with exposure to the exciting potential within the thousands of smaller sized companies listed on global stock-markets. We focus investment on high quality, well managed, soundly financed and profitable companies. In addition to a good track record, we want our holdings to be moving with the times and making the necessary investment in their businesses to take account of the changing world in which we live.

Our team-based investment approach allows broad coverage and in-depth analysis of the companies in which we invest. We deliberately construct a diverse portfolio to give investors genuine global exposure across the spectrum of sectors, seeking out the best opportunities wherever they may be.

We incorporate environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) issues into our investment process. Some of our holdings are global leaders in their fields in sustainable business practices.

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We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new app. Search ‘CT UK‘ on the App Store or Google Play Store to give you access to all of the below from your mobile or tablet:

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