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14 March 2022

Do we need a recession to control inflation?

One of the aftereffects of Covid is high inflation almost everywhere in developed markets. Some of this inflation is temporary bottle necks, but more sustained price pressures have emerged in the job market.
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3 March 2022

Our thoughts on the ongoing developments in Ukraine

Whilst the situation remains fast-moving and fluid, Simon Holmes gives his thoughts on the short and long term consequences.
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1 March 2022

5 factors for Multi-Asset investors to revisit in 2022

While it has clearly been a disappointing start to the year, we believe that there are still grounds for optimism.
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14 February 2022

What does 2022 hold for Multi-Asset portfolios?

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19 January 2022

Opening Bell: What will 2022 bring for global markets?

Chief Economist Steven Bell takes a look at the factors shaping 2022, and what they mean for corporate earnings and financial markets.
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Sustainable Universal MAP Range Impact Report

In 2020, we engaged with 107 companies held in the funds and voted at 90 meetings. Key topics included engagement on labour standards, corporate governance and climate change.

  • Across the Sustainable MAP range, the top SDGs we aligned to were:
    • SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-being. Of the activity across the range which linked to SDG 3, the majority aligned with target 3.8 which calls for universal access to medicines and health-care
    • SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth. In particular, target 8.2 which focuses on boosting economic productivity through technological upgrading and innovation and; target 8.10 which aims for universal access to financial services
  • Engaged with a number of companies held in the funds including Smurfit Kappa and National Grid linking to SDG 13 – Climate Action. Worked with GlaxoSmithKline on its approach to executive remuneration
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19 February 2021

Acquiring or selling a business

There are some questions that keep popping up around buying or selling an adviser business
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19 February 2021

What are transaction costs?

We look at the calculation of the explicit and implicit elements of transaction costs
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Why Columbia Threadneedle for low-cost multi-asset

CT Universal MAP redefines value through active multi-asset solutions and business support at a passive price point. Fund OCFs at 0.29%-0.39%.