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15 April 2024

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Is interest rate pessimism overdone?

The European Central Bank looks set to cut in June and there are reasons to believe the US and UK won’t be too far behind.
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8 April 2024

Interest rates, inflation and immigration

Do rising US rents, fuelled in part by higher immigration, call for a reappraisal of the likely scale and pace of US interest rate cuts?
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2 April 2024

The first cut is the easiest

With real rates rising as inflation falls, we explain why central banks should consider cutting interest rates soon.
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22 March 2024

Game On with inflation

Leading indicators imply falling UK inflation could be sustained. This, and rate cuts in Europe and the US, raise the odds of an easing in the UK.
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18 March 2024

Will sticky inflation stop the US cutting interest rates?

Disappointing data has dampened expectations around US rate cuts. We think that pessimism is overdone and explain why.
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11 March 2024

Interest cuts to start in June

Consensus for June rate cuts from the Fed and ECB are firm. What are the odds that the UK, seen as a laggard, could follow through too?
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6 March 2024

Interest rates, growth and financial markets

In the absence of significant economic contraction, central banks look set to hold off cutting rates until wage inflation eases. What can we expect from financial markets?
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29 February 2024

Mag 7 – #Supersize Me 

Over consumption of the ‘Magnificent 7’ companies is distorting stock valuations and driving extreme concentration in index returns. Does this pose risks?
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26 February 2024

Low inflation to create unusual dilemma for the Bank of England

In an election year, pressure for a cut in rates will only grow as inflation eases. What is the BoE to do?
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19 February 2024

UK recession: what next?

Why an upturn looks likely and what that could mean for markets.
Watch time - 4 min
12 February 2024

How far will interest rates fall?

Discussing the extent of cuts and the implications for markets?
Watch time - 4 min
9 February 2024

When will the rate cuts commence?

Interest rate cuts are on the cards in the US and Europe but their timing could be contentious ahead of national elections and a backdrop of global conflicts.
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Sustainable Universal MAP Range Impact Report

In 2020, we engaged with 107 companies held in the funds and voted at 90 meetings. Key topics included engagement on labour standards, corporate governance and climate change.

  • Across the Sustainable MAP range, the top SDGs we aligned to were:
    • SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-being. Of the activity across the range which linked to SDG 3, the majority aligned with target 3.8 which calls for universal access to medicines and health-care
    • SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth. In particular, target 8.2 which focuses on boosting economic productivity through technological upgrading and innovation and; target 8.10 which aims for universal access to financial services
  • Engaged with a number of companies held in the funds including Smurfit Kappa and National Grid linking to SDG 13 – Climate Action. Worked with GlaxoSmithKline on its approach to executive remuneration
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19 February 2021

Acquiring or selling a business

There are some questions that keep popping up around buying or selling an adviser business
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19 February 2021

What are transaction costs?

We look at the calculation of the explicit and implicit elements of transaction costs
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Why Columbia Threadneedle for low-cost multi-asset

CT Universal MAP redefines value through active multi-asset solutions and business support at a passive price point. Fund OCFs at 0.29%-0.39%.