Why Columbia Threadneedle for low-cost multi-asset?

It’s time to Redefine Value

Our CT Universal MAP Range brings something different to the marketplace – a suite of low-cost actively managed multi-asset funds, offering advisers a practical and cost-effective option for their advice toolkit. Each fund is highly-diversified across equities, fixed income and geographies – providing a potential core portfolio building block for deployment within the financial planning process

1. Low-cost

With price considerations increasingly acute, there has been a significant push to passive in many scenarios. At CT, we’re advocates of active management but also recognise the importance of cost – a factor that was instrumental to the thinking behind our CT Universal MAP range. OCFs are capped at 0.29% for the CT Universal MAP range and 0.39% for the CT Sustainable Universal MAP range.

2. Redefined value

Our ambition is more than a price point and by investing actively, we aim to generate returns and manage risk beyond those implementing a passive approach. Our value extends beyond portfolio management to our work with advisers as business partners through our Adviser Edge platform which offers training and support.

3. Actively managed

We are firm believers in the potential of active management and the scope for delivering outperformance and protecting capital during more challenging periods. This ethos runs right through our CT Universal MAP range. Exposure to equities, fixed income and geographies is strategically and tactically adjusted in accordance with market and economic conditions. Within each underlying asset type, specialist managers actively seek out the best individual opportunities.

4. Multi-options

Defined volatility parameters and CPI+ return expectations for five portfolios, ranging from Defensive to Adventurous, facilitates alignment between recommendation and individual attitudes and objectives. For those requiring a consistent income stream, the CT Universal MAP Income Fund potentially fits the bill with its ambition of delivering a natural income of 4-4.5% per annum, again within a defined volatility range.

5. Making an impact

Our CT Sustainable Universal MAP funds joined the line-up in December 2019, offering sustainability-orientated active multi-asset investing with a capped OCF at 0.39%. We think they’re ideal for the growing number of individuals that, alongside meeting their financial goals, want to make a positive impact on the world through their investment decisions.

Capital is at risk. The value of investments and any income derived from them can go down as well as up as a result of market or currency movements and investors may not get back the original amount invested. Screening out sectors or companies may result in less diversification and hence more volatility in investment values.

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Our Portfolio

The CT Universal MAP and Sustainable MAP ranges offer risk-controlled portfolio options designed to cover a host of client growth, income and sustainability needs.