Threadneedle Managed Funds

Our managed funds are fettered fund of fund, multi-asset portfolios that invest actively in a range of asset classes including equities, fixed income and cash. They seek to provide long-term capital growth and/or income while benefiting from a reduction in absolute volatility through diversification.

The funds allow investors access to relatively low cost, well-diversified portfolios, with the benefit of our highly skilled multi-asset team constantly monitoring market conditions and making tactical changes to the portfolios’ exposure to different assets through the economic cycle.



The funds invest in a blend of assets including equities, fixed income and cash, seeking to exploit the benefits of low-correlated asset classes

Global perspective advantage

Our investment philosophy and process are built upon the sharing and debating of ideas and collaboration across teams and sectors

Daily risk management

 Investing in our own funds allows complete look-through risk analysis on positions held within constituent funds and enables us to monitor risk on a daily basis

Long heritage in multi-asset

Multi-asset has been a key part of our business for over 25 years.

Spanning the risk/return spectrum

The funds in our managed fund range use suitable blends of asset classes to cater for different attitudes to risk. Investors can choose between a very cautious, risk averse fund to a much riskier fund with higher potential returns,or somewhere in the middle.

Spanning the risk/return spectrum
*Ratings as at 31.03.2022

Investment process

We seek to exploit active return sources at both the asset allocation and stock/fund selection levels.

Our managed funds use a three-stage process outlined in the chart below:

Investment process managed funds

Source: Columbia Threadneedle Investments. For illustrative purposes only.