Mag 7 – #Supersize Me 

World 1920x500

Over consumption of the ‘Magnificent 7’ companies is distorting stock valuations and driving extreme concentration in index returns. Does this pose risks?

Low inflation to create unusual dilemma for the Bank of England

In an election year, pressure for a cut in rates will only grow as inflation eases. What is the BoE to do?

UK recession: what next?

Why an upturn looks likely and what that could mean for markets.

How far will interest rates fall?

City of London

Discussing the extent of cuts and the implications for markets?

When will the rate cuts commence?

Interest rate cuts are on the cards in the US and Europe but their timing could be contentious ahead of national elections and a backdrop of global conflicts.

Interest rate cuts delayed

City of London

Central bankers have been pushing back on expectations for early interest rate cuts. Steven Bell discusses the likely timing and extent of cuts.

Weekly macro perspectives: China & Japan – will the divergence persist?

Japanese equities have enjoyed a period of outperformance over their Chinese counterparts. But after recent policy announcements in China, is that trend set to continue?

Opening Bell – an excess of pessimism about the economy, though not in markets

Sunrise over city

Are forecasters predicting a slowdown in 2024 being too pessimistic? The Federal Reserve looks set to cut rates on the back of ‘immaculate disinflation’ with other central banks set to follow suit. We explore the prospects for economies and markets in 2024.

Will gold shine in 2024?

Despite an environment of higher interest rates gold prices have risen strongly. Steven Bell discusses gold’s attractions and explores what could happen if borrowing costs fall.

Are interest rates cuts in jeopardy?

Density of public Housing in Hong Kong

Talk of early 2024 US rate cuts, which spurred a strong rally in bonds and equities globally, has seen a significant reversal.