ESG knowledge shared: May 2021

ESG knowledge shared: May 2021

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Climate change

Not all blue-collar workers will find green-collar jobs

Politicians – among them President Biden and Prime Minister Boris Johnson – claim that the net zero transition will create new jobs. But is this genuinely true or just a politically savvy statement?

Germany must tighten climate law to protect young people’s future, court rules

A court has ruled that Germany must tighten climate law to protect young people’s future, after a young woman argued rising sea levels would engulf her family’s farm. The ruling is likely to result in legal implications for the rest of the EU.

Halting the Vast Release of Methane Is Critical for Climate, UN Says

A landmark UN report is expected to declare that reducing methane emission must play a more vital role in curbing some of the worst effects of climate change, from floods to fires and storms. Quite unsurprisingly, the report goes on to single out the fossil fuel industry as holding the greatest potential to cut its methane emissions at little to no cost.


The strange case of the ‘$100m deli’ and the universities that own a slice

US universities Duke and Vanderbilt are among the largest shareholders of a company that owns a single sandwich shop in New Jersey, with a stock market valuation of $100m, despite recording less than $14,000 in sales last year. This exemplifies the absurdity of special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs) – AKA ‘blank check companies’: shell corporations listed on a stock exchange with the purpose of acquiring a private company, rather than having an established business plan. Unlike GameStop and other meme stocks that hit headlines earlier this year due to attention from amateur investors, SPACs such as this one are grabbing the interest of institutional investors…


The Great Post Office Trial

This BBC Sounds podcast tells the story of a decade-long battle between the Post Office and its own Sub Postmasters. An IT system that went wrong resulted in the unfair imprisonment of innocent people – which some call the widest miscarriage of justice in UK legal history.

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