ESG knowledge shared: July 2021

ESG knowledge shared: July 2021

Keep up to date with responsible investing through our monthly roundup of highlights – articles we’re reading, podcasts we’re enjoying, useful videos and more.

Responsible investment is continuously evolving, driven by the research and insight that fuels new discussions. Keep up to date on your responsible investing knowledge using our external ‘top picks’ of content. See what content our team have enjoyed in the last month and access thinking across third party events, articles, video and more.

Climate change

Outrage + Optimism

This weekly podcast, hosted by climate change experts Christiana Figueres, Tom Rivett-Carnac and Paul Dickinson, covers the challenges, frustrations and outrage we need to face the climate crisis – and how we can thrive beyond it.

Royal Dutch Shell Court Order Shifts Paradigm for Corporate ESG Accountability

You’ve probably heard about the landmark court ruling ordering Royal Dutch Shell to cut its greenhouse gas emissions – but this interpretation by Sustainalytics may give you a few extra details.

Elon Musk: CO2 saint or sinner?

He disrupted the traditional autos industry by popularising the electric car, and he’s keen on the wider climate tech industry. But he’s driving market interest in energy-intensive cryptocurrencies, and SpaceX doesn’t exactly align with environmental initiatives. So… just how green is Elon Musk?

Biodiversity loss

What business leaders can do about biodiversity

Addressing biodiversity loss is one of our key engagement themes this year. But for many, it’s a totally new topic to understand. This useful explainer video sets out what business leaders must do to protect our environmental assets.

Sustainable finance

Sustainable finance scramble reaches currency derivatives market

Typically focused around debt issuance, the corporate rush to bolster sustainability claims has now reached foreign exchange markets in the form of currency hedging products. The cost is tied to a firm’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions or improving workforce diversity. We wonder how much real-world impact this will have, however.

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