Frequently Asked Questions

CT Property Trust proposed acquisition by LondonMetric Property PLC
Some common questions about how the proposed Acquisition of CT Property Trust by LondonMetric Property plc may affect your Columbia Threadneedle Savings Plan have been answered here. If your question is not answered, our contact information is supplied at the bottom of this page.
Please note that we can’t give you advice as to how you should vote.

Terms on this page are as defined in the Circular

What is being proposed?
Why is this being proposed?
How can I find out more about LondonMetric?
When is this happening?
What was the result of the meetings on 18 July 2023?
What will happen to my June 2023 CTPT dividend?
What will happen if the Scheme does not go ahead?
When will I hear more?
What will my Savings Plan Options be?
Can I increase or decrease my CTPT holding now?
What if I want to increase or decrease my LondonMetric holding?
Does this affect any of the other investment options within the CT Savings Plan?