CT Global Emerging Markets Equity Fund

Consistently disciplined in pursuit of emerging opportunities

A disciplined, bottom-up approach led by a team skilled and equipped to seek out emerging market ‘stewards of capital’, businesses capable of sustaining and accelerating profitable growth.

“Particularly in emerging markets, the market tends to fade the growth of well-run businesses too quickly and it’s this inefficiency that we have consistently looked to exploit. We favour ‘stewards of capital’ – companies that can sustain and accelerate profitable growth with an emphasis on shareholder returns. We combine this with our tenet of ‘no unintended bets’ setting upside and downside price targets on all stocks, creating an informed view of our defined universe with the aim of delivering attractive, consistent long-term returns for our investors.”

Dara White – Global Head of Emerging Markets


True all-cap strategy

A proven ability to generate alpha across the market cap scale

Disciplined investment process

No unintended bets: our disciplined approach sets upside and downside price targets on all stocks within our defined investment universe

Stability of the team

Specialist and experienced Emerging Market investors with a stable team since their inception in 2008

Investment Philosophy

Why we like high-quality businesses:

  • We believe in the long-run, companies with competitive advantage, financial strength and strong management teams and whom operate in an industry with certain growth potential will generate sustainable growth and returns for shareholders
  • We seek out those companies, not just with attractive growth rates, but a high return on invested capital with the ability to sustain profitable growth – creating value in the long term
Examples of wide economic moats that identify competitive advantage
Competitive advantage Investment Philosophy

Investment process: Clearly defined and repeatable

Investment process - graph


May 2024

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

Inflation falls: how far will interest rates follow?

Inflation is finally falling in the US, UK and Europe, but will we see greater dispersion in central bank actions?
Watch time - 4 min
May 2024

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

Inflation falls: how far will interest rates follow?

Inflation is finally falling in the US, UK and Europe, but will we see greater dispersion in central bank actions?
Watch time - 4 min

Fund Manager

Dara White
Global Head of Emerging Market Equities

Important information

Fund objective

The Fund aims to increase the value of your investment over the long term. It looks to outperform the MSCI Emerging Markets Index over rolling 3-year periods, after the deduction of charges.

The Fund is actively managed, and invests at least 75% of its assets in shares of Emerging Market companies.

The Fund selects companies considered to have good prospects for share price growth, from any industry or economic sector, and whilst there is no restriction on size, investment tends to focus on larger companies, such as those included in the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. The MSCI Emerging Index is designed to capture the share performance of large and medium-sized companies across Emerging Markets worldwide, with more than 1,000 companies included. It provides a suitable target benchmark against which Fund performance will be measured and evaluated over time.

The Fund typically invests in fewer than 100 companies, which may include the shares of some companies not within the Index. The Fund may invest up to 30% of its value in China A-Shares through the China-Hong Kong Stock Connect Programme. The Fund may also invest in other assets such as cash and deposits, and hold other funds (including funds managed by Columbia Threadneedle companies) when deemed appropriate.

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