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Local Authorities

The Local Government Pension Schemes (LGPS) face many of the same challenges as their company-sponsored defined benefit (DB) counterparts. With sizeable assets under management, and ongoing pooling across England and Wales, the LGPS are not only significant investors but with a longer-term investment horizon than most of their corporate counterparts. Having developed considerable investment and risk management expertise, they have greater scale, capacity and capability than many other asset owners for cost-effective investment in private markets, real estate and infrastructure and for assuming equity risk.

The LGPS pools are also ahead of many other asset owners in their thinking around integrating ESG considerations into their risk management and in developing climate change risk management policies. They are also subject to more stringent and transparent performance and cost management reporting.

Our LGPS thought leadership and solutions capability is therefore keenly focused on the unique needs of this very distinctive group of investors and the importance placed on transparency and the creation of strategic partnerships. 


29 January 2021

Coronavirus highlights fixed income’s potential for impact investing

Investors are increasingly seeking investments with a positive impact, and the surge in Covid-19 bond issuance in 2020 indicates that fixed income is the asset class well-positioned to deliver positive social outcomes.
Read time - 5 min
14 January 2021

European sustainable infrastructure - in a sweet spot

There are four issues that affected infrastructure in 2020, and they reaffirm our confidence in the team’s long-term investment thesis and strategy.
Read time - 6 min
20 October 2020

UK real estate: offices – finding a new equilibrium

Is the future of working really home-based, and what might this mean for portfolios and positioning?
Read time - 10 min

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