Columbia Threadneedle is pleased to announce that it lifted the temporary dealing suspension on the Threadneedle Property Authorised Investment Fund (PAIF), the Threadneedle Pensions (TPEN) Property Fund and the Threadneedle Property Unit Trust.

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Supporting our clients: COVID-19 business update

Over the past several months, we have successfully navigated a rapidly evolving environment, transitioning to remote working and coordinating our response to Covid-19 regionally and globally to ensure we continue to deliver for our clients, support our employees and maintain continuity of our business.

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The Future of Responsible Investment

At a recent Financial News conference in partnership with Columbia Threadneedle, expert panellists discussed how data science and artificial intelligence will transform responsible investment and how investor demands have morphed from excluding “bad” companies to delivering tangible and sustainable impacts

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There is no Planet B

Chris Wagstaff, Head of Pensions and Investment Education, provides insight into how asset owners and asset managers should be responding to climate change.
Climate change is the greatest ever systemic risk to confront humanity. From a purely asset manager and institutional asset owner perspective, a failure by all stakeholders to act more decisively in stemming the myriad sources of GHG emissions, the financing of carbon emitting technologies and in seeking to change industry, company and individual behaviours could result in a deeply impaired economic and financial system. This would, in turn, severely inhibit the ability of asset managers to generate and asset owners to derive sustainable investment returns and expose asset owners to unacceptably high and largely unmanageable risks.

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