Responsible Partner

Corporate responsibility

Responsible Partner
Erika Warwickshire, investor in the Threadneedle UK Growth & Income Fund

We strive to be a trusted partner to our clients

Our clients' success is, and always will be, our priority. The essence of our business is our ability to empower the investment success of our clients, this is captured in our brand promise 'Your success. Our priority.' We aim to provide our clients with value for money in terms of excellent risk-adjusted investment performance (after fees) and a level of service that meets or exceeds expectations. While the needs of our retail and institutional clients differ in some respects, there are key things we do which are crucial for all our clients:

  • Provide sustained excellent risk-adjusted investment performance. In a report published by FE Trustnet in November 2015 Columbia Threadneedle was named the best performing fund group in the UK over the last decade, with a total of 79.06% of qualifying funds outperforming their benchmark over 10 years.
  • Act in line with our values of Client Focus, Excellence, Integrity and Respect, ensuring that the long-term interests of our clients is at the heart of everything we do - this is embedded in our culture.
  • Ensure we maintain the infrastructure to support our clients and provide an excellent level of service to them, including administration, oversight, client transactions, information and performance analysis and reporting.

We asked clients what success means to them, and how investing and saving has played a part in helping them achieve their personal goals. We received hundreds of responses, providing valuable insight into what is important to our customers, why and how they choose to invest. These stories remind employees that it is real people's money we are responsible for managing.

"To me, success is not driving fast cars or living in fancy houses, it's being able to have a comfortable retirement so I'm not watching every penny and its being able to help my children… My personal idea of success is to provide for my family when they need it, and then to enjoy life when I retire, having worked hard for all my working life"
David, Isle of Man
Investor in the Threadneedle Ethical UK Equity Fund

We use a bespoke Client Sentiment Index to monitor and measure customer feedback, incorporating a range of metrics. Trends are monitored to highlight areas where we can improve and during the past year we have extended this analysis to include a review of the experience of customers who have complained.

Client Sentiment Index

We are a member of the UK’s Investment Association, which strives to make investing simpler and better for investors. We support the Association’s Statement of Principles, which sets out what the responsibility of managing other people’s money means in practice for corporate culture and individual mind-set:

  1. Always put our clients’ interests first and ahead of our own
  2. Take care of clients’ money as diligently as we would our own
  3. Only develop, offer and maintain funds and services designed to add value for clients and help them achieve their financial goals
  4. Maintain and apply the investment and operational expertise needed to meet the objectives agreed with clients
  5. Make all costs and charges transparent and understandable
  6. Disclose to investors the source and value of any other material benefit we receive as a consequence of our role as investment manager
  7. Ensure regular, timely and clear lines of communication with clients
  8. Set out clearly our approach to the stewardship of client assets and interests
  9. Maintain a corporate culture that sustains these principles
  10. Work with industry colleagues and stakeholders to develop and maintain guidance on industry best practice.

The application of these principles is overseen by our regional Business Management Committee and we conduct an annual review to ensure continued alignment with the principles.